About Us

We are the Sztupovszky Family, and we have a passion for good, organic food!  We started this company as a direct response to the rising cost of food and the added cost of eating organic.  We began as a buying group for friends and family in 2015 and quickly realized that we could bring organic food at an affordable price to the larger community in the South Okanagan!

How It Works:

Customers can pre-order their cases of organic food three times per year.  Our order process opens for a two-week window.  We will then close down our order process and bring in your food from our suppliers. Once the orders are received, we sort and deliver your order to your door (between Summerland and Osoyoos).  If you live outside of our delivery zone please get in touch with us before submitting your order.  Everything we offer is certified organic unless specifically stated.


We only offer delivery in the South Okanagan, between Summerland and Osoyoos.  If you live outside of our area please contact us for shipping options before placing your order.  Once we have your order in hand, you will receive an email or phone call from us to arrange delivery.  You must be home to receive your order.  Typically you can expect your order to arrive within two weeks from the last day of our order process.  Sometimes, delays of certain items can take a little longer if it is coming from farther away. If this is the case we will contact you to let you know the status of your shipment.


We are a small, family-run company and our number one goal is to make eating organic food affordable!  We strive to keep our prices low and you can help us to achieve this by your method of payment.

  • E-Transfer - E-Transfer is our preferred method of payment.  It is easy, simple, and has no fees attached.
  • Cheque/Bank Transfers - We can accept Bank Transfers from anyone and cheques from customers that we have established a relationship with.  Please note that all cheques must clear before your order will be shipped to you.
  • Paypal - We offer Paypal as a way to pay for those who cannot pay any other way.  Paypal charges us 2.9% off the total amount.  Because our number one goal is keeping prices affordable, we ask that you only use this method if you absolutely need to.  If too many people pay with Paypal we will have to raise our prices and no one wants that!


We cannot accept returns of food. If, for some reason, you are not satisfied with your food please contact us.